How to Choose a University Recognized by HEC in Pakistan 2023

The Higher Education Commission has told parents and students how to choose an HEC-approved university in Pakistan in 2023. Students, parents, and the general public should know that Section 10-1(d) of Ordinance No. LIII of 2002 (Amendment Act No. XXI of 2021 and Second Amendment Act No. XXII of 2022) gives the Higher Education Commission (HEC) the power to set the rules for how institutions, including those that aren’t part of the state educational system, can open and run across the country. This notice is made so that information can be shared.

How To Find the Best HEC-Recognized University 2023

So, in order to use the powers that have been given to it, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) recognizes degrees from universities and other educational institutions in Pakistan that have been given accreditation, as well as degrees from campuses of these institutions that have been given approval. This includes degrees from transnational educational institutions that offer courses leading to a qualification from another country and are listed on the HEC website via the following web links:

Link of Recognized Universities/
Link of Recognized Campuses of Public and Private Sector
Link of Recognized Institutions Imparting Foreign Qualification in Pakistan through

The Higher Education Commission will not consider or recognize any university or institution that is not on the list of HEC-recognized universities, institutions, and campuses that can be found on our website (HEC). Also, a separate list of fake, illegal, unlawful, and unrecognized institutions is kept up-to-date at the following web link in order to make the general public and other relevant stakeholders aware of the problem:

List of Illegal/Fake
List of Unaccredited Institutions:

Students and their parents should use the links above to check the legal status of the university or institution, its campus, and the transnational education (TNE) provider before they apply for admission. This is being done for the benefit of the public as a whole and for the next round of admissions.

You can also ask the public universities or institutes and the HEC about the status of colleges that are linked to the HEC. Students are strongly advised not to sign up for educational programs at places that are not on the “recognized list of universities, institutions, and campuses” on the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) website. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) will not accept degrees from campuses or institutions that are illegal or not recognized by the government.

How To Find the Best HEC-Recognized University 2023

Students and their parents are strongly advised not to apply to universities and DAIs whose admissions have been revoked by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for reasons that are listed on the HEC website.

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