Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 First impressions

In April 2021, we learned about Xiaomi’s first project, which was still called the Mi Mix Fold. Last August, the company debuted its Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 folding phone in the Asian market.

Now, we’re adding our voices to the chorus because we’ve been able to stay in touch with the company’s newest folding phone, which has the thinnest folding screen in the industry.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 First impressions

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2: How is its design?

We’ve held it in our hand’s thanks to a loan from Xiaomi Spain, and we can confidently say that it’s the thinnest foldable we’ve seen so far at 11.2 mm when folded. What a surprise, huh? Having been able to compare it visually to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, we can say that the Mix Fold 2 stands out for how thin it is and that its hinge closure, which has been called a “drop of water,” is a better solution to its unmarked folding system. the “U” of the fold turned upside down.

So, when you carry the competition’s folding cell phones in your pocket or hand, you won’t feel like you’re carrying a brick. At only 262 grams, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is very thin and light. However, this comes at the cost of other features, such as being resistant to water and dust. Gorilla Glass Victus is used to protect the screen, but it is not IP-certified.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2: How is its design?

Since 5.4 mm is so thin, the USB C port for charging the device’s battery barely fits, we’re looking forward to the next generation of the Mix Fold 3 from Xiaomi, even though the thickness is a problem.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2: Screen and specifications

Both of Mix Fold 2’s screens are great. On the outside of the phone is a 6.56-inch, 120Hz AMOLED screen with the standard 21:9 aspect ratio. Xiaomi put a layer of Gorilla Glass Victus on it to protect it because it is close to the outside world. Once the screen is in book mode, we have a large 8.02-inch work area, which is slightly bigger than the 7-inch screens on some smaller-format tablets. It has an AMOLED screen with LTPO 2.0 technology and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It’s fun to see a bunch of Android apps at once, and since the device supports 2K resolution, everything looks great.

The inside has a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, 12 GB of RAM, and between 256 GB and 1 TB of storage. The phone is powered by a 4,500 mAh battery that can be charged with a 67 W charging mode.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2: Cameras

We haven’t had the Mix Fold 2 for long enough to draw any firm conclusions, but based on the technical specs, there doesn’t seem to be an area where it can fail. Xiaomi and Leica worked together for the first time on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. They are now working together again to give the foldable important cameras.

In addition to the main sensor, it has an ultra-wide-angle lens with 13 megapixels and a telephoto lens with 8 megapixels, and a 2x zoom that has 8 megapixels. It may not have the most cutting-edge camera setup, but it’s still good enough to compete. MIUI Fold 13 is currently based on Android 12, which comes with the Mix Fold 2. It’s like the Samsung Z Fold 4’s taskbar in that it shows up at the bottom of the screen.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2: Cameras

Even though the outside screen of the Mix Fold 2 has a selfie camera, there isn’t one on the inside. This is great for making the screen bigger, but it makes it harder to use the Face ID features of the phone. The user interface was made in collaboration with Leica and makes it easy to use the camera’s shooting modes. For example, choosing “Leica Authentic Look” or “Leica Vibrant Look” gives you different sets of presets that you can use to change the color and contrast of the final image.

When can I buy the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2?

The bad news is that Xiaomi Spain told us that there are no sales or marketing plans for Mix Fold 2. This will make it possible for the company to sell its first folding phone in Europe and Latin America.

A number of mobile phone companies are getting ready to start selling folding phones outside of the Asian market at the same time. It looks like 2023 will be the last big push for these models.

In fact, Xiaomi representatives told us at this meeting that the third generation of the Mix Fold would be available in the second half of 2023 in international markets, including Europe.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2: Cameras
How much will the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 cost?

Since the Mix Fold 2 is only available in China right now, prices for other places are not yet available. The prices for each configuration, both in black and in gold, are then shown:

  • Prices for the Fold 2 Mix (12 GB and 256 GB) are 8,999 (€1,290) and 1,335 (USD$135)
  • The Fold 2 Mix costs $9,999 (€1,435 or $1,485) with 12GB of memory and 512GB of storage.
  • A Fold 2 Mix with 12GB and 1TB of storage costs $1,780 (11,999).

As usual, the prices listed are the same amount in another currency converted to the current exchange rate. In the case of a global release, the final number may be a little different.

This makes us think that the rumored future foldable Mix Fold 3, about which we still know very little, will keep its price in this range so that it can compete with other manufacturers’ products that are already being sold internationally.

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